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Click the button above to launch our free demo lesson video player. Once the player has popped up and loaded the available free video lessons will be listed in the menu for you to chose from. The video player is simple to use, simply click the video in the list you want to view and it will begin. To return to the menu, click the purple menu button in the bottom left section of the video player. You can view the video in full screen 720p by clicking the blue button. The red button stops the video and the green button to the left is to play or pause the video. You can drag the transport locator in the bottom middle section of the player to skim through the videos or locate a specific part of a lesson. On the bottom right of the player is a volume control in case you need to change the audio level. There is also a time display that shows you where you are in the video and how long the selected video is. This is the same player used throughout the entire website so there won't be any big surprises in the event that you decide to join our community and jump on the fast track to learning the exciting art of flamenco dance.